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Towing Training

Are you aware of the 1997 Driving Licence changes?

Candidates who passed their car test AFTER January 1997, did not receive automatic entitlement to tow trailers over a certain weight, they also DID NOT receive entitlement to drive C1 (7.5t vehicles) or D1 (minibus).

If you are reading this as an employer, have you checked that your staff hold the correct entitlement to undertake their work?

The DVSA and the Police are regularly enforcing spot checks on vehicles that are towing trailers, 7.5t vehicles and minibuses to ensure the vehicles are roadworthy and the drivers are licenced for the vehicle they are using.

Employers have a duty of care and legal obligation to check that employees hold the correct licence for the vehicle they are using in connection with their employment. If you are an individual working for an employer, it is in your own interest to check you have the correct licence too.

How Rallyroo Towing Training can help

Towing Training Passes

If you require any staff to be trained to undertake the B&E towing test, C1 (7.5t) or D1 (minibus) then we can help.

We offer excellent training packages, with the most up to date facilities and come highly recommended. (Testimonials available on request).

We also offer company vehicle driver assessment and post incident training.  Sometimes this is a requirement from your insurance company, maybe following an incident.

If you're running a fleet of vehicles, it maybe worthwhile contacting your insurer as they may offer an insurance discount on the basis that you are undertaking continual monitoring and assessment of staff.

If we can help with any of the above, then please don't hesitate to contact me.

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